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Draught Beers
Bottled Beers
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Angry Orchard
A crisp and refreshing apple cider, its fresh apple aroma and sightly sweet, ripe, apple flavor deliver a nice well rounded taste.
Anti-Hero IPA
This gold colored India Pale ale from Revolution Brewery has a blend of four different hop varieties that deliver a crisp bitterness, and floral, and citrus aroma.
Bell's Amber Ale
This amber ale balances a mixture of toasted grain and light caramel notes with a range of floral, citrus and herbal hop notes capped by a clean bitterness.
Blue Moon
A Belgian white style wheat ale, with a zesty orange fruitiness. This beer appears cloudy because it is unfiltered for more depth in flavor.
Green Pale Ale
A Light colored American Pale Ale hopped with bright American hop aroma, and citrus flavor hops.  Also notes of biscuit, and light toasted malt that create the backbone for this beers crisp bitterness.
Pure European pilsner, that is bright golden in color and mildly bitter in taste. 
Miller Lite
Pure European pilsner, that is bright golden in color and mildly bitter in taste.
Murphy's Irish Stout
Murphy's stout is a distinctive, premium Irish stout, with a smooth and bitter flavor.  It is brewed using all natural ingredients, which includes pale, and roasted malts, water, hops and yeast. This combination of ingredients gives the beer its distinctive appearance and taste.
Modelos Especial
A full flavored pilsner imported from Mexico.
Revolution A Little Crazy
This Belgian American Pale Ale has a pilsner malt base providing a nice toasty flavor with hints of caramel and enough fermentable sugar to make this a rather substantial beer.  The hop profile drives home the aromas of fresh citrus rind.
Sam Adams Winter Lager
A Winter Lager that is Bold and rich, with a touch of holiday spice such as orange peel, ginger, and cinnamon.
Snowdrift Vanilla Porter
A fuller-bodied brew with hints of cocoa, coffee and caramel brought out by roasted malts and aged on real vanilla.  An ideal smooth and creamy flavor for winter.
Staropramen is a Czech style beer from Prague. 
It is a drinkable, and pleasantly smooth premium lager.
Stella Artois
A Pale lager with a mild hop flavor, bitterness is moderate, and both are backed with sweet notes from an all-malt base.
Two Brothers
Domain DuPage
This French Country Ale is a deep amber color, with a toasty and sweet caramel start.  It finishes with just enough hops to clean the palate

Amstel Light
Angry Orchard
Bud Light
Bud Light Lime
Coors Light
Corona Light
Estrella Damm
Goose Island 312
Goose Island Pale India Pale Ale
Hacker Pschorr Weisse
Heineken Light
Miller Genuine Draft
Miller Highlife
Miller 64
Miller Fortune
Miller Lite
Modelo Especial
Pildner Urqell
Redd's Apple Ale
Two Brothers Prairie Path

O'Douls Non-Alcoholic